Work packages of the RADAR project

In the following we present an overview of seven work packages (WP) within the RADAR - Research Data Repository - project, which are managed by an interdisciplinary project team consisting of research institutes from the fields of natural and information sciences:

WP 1: Project management

Lead: TIB and FIZ

Goals: Project administration


WP 1.1 Coordination of work progress across work packages

WP 1.2 Dissemination of work progress (i.e. workshops, publications)

WP 1.3 Concept for a sustainable and ongoing research data infrastructure

WP 1.4 Co-operation with other relevant projects and (data) service centers with the implementation of the respective results in the development of the RADAR infrastructure

WP 1.5 Final report

Deliverables (Downloads):


WP 2: Specification analysis

Lead: IPB and LMU

Goals: Assessment of (discipline-specific) scientific requirements to data preservation and publication.

WP 2.1 Development of product policy guidelines for high quality research data worthy of preservation

WP 2.2 Definition of selection criteria for research data within the starter- and the superior package for data preservation and optional publication

WP 2.3 Analysis and evaluation of existing data formats and related software packages from two data generating methods (NMR spectroscopy and Difference Gel Electrophoresis)

WP 2.4 Evaluation of existing processes for compilation and registration of research data (q.v. WP 5)

WP 2.5 Preparation of workflow prototypes for compilation and registration of research data

WP 2.6 Documentation of results


WP 3: Metadata specifications

Lead: IPB and LMU, with TIB support

Goals: Preparation of a generic metadata schema for data preservation and publication that can be adapted by various research disciplines.


WP 3.1 Development of a basic schema for the acquisition of descriptive metadata from research data

WP 3.2 Development of an adaptable schema for the acquisition of descriptive metadata from specialized research data. The research data may originate from various disciplines. Initially, the schema will be based on two exemplary data types (NMR and 2D/DIGE).

WP 3.3 Workflow-integration of developed metadata schemas

WP 3.4 Technical realisation of developed metadata schemas (RDF, XML-derivates, etc.)

Deliverables (Downloads):

Older versions:



WP 4: Data management

Lead: FIZ and SCC

Goals: Preparation of a technical specification analysis for the repository including the processes for the associated software implementation.


WP 4.1 System engineering und process analysis

WP 4.2 Conceptual design and development of technical guidelines

WP 4.3 Implementation of interfaces for storage processes and software systems

WP 4.4 Implementation of the generic, interdisciplinary data service (“starter package for data preservation”)

WP 4.5 Implementation of the advanced (discipline-specific) data service (“superior package for data publication with integrated data preservation“)

WP 4.6 Evaluation period and further adaptations

Deliverables (Links):

WP 5: Data publication

Lead: TIB

Goals: To ensure a sustainable preservation and publishability of research data as part of a scientific manuscript or as an independent data publication.


WP 5.1 Development of a workflow for expanding the scientific publication process for research data 

WP 5.2 Preparation of author guidelines, citation standards and transparent business models 

WP 5.3 Establishment of an exemplary workflow for research data preservation and publication as part of the electronic manuscript submission process

WP 5.4 Development of guidelines for sustainable data management and publication

WP 5.5 Automated integration of DOI-services in data publication processes

WP 5.6 Development of interfaces for DOI-registration services for data storage systems

WP 5.7 Development of interfaces for integration of TIB infrastructures in RADAR services

Deliverables (Downloads):


WP 6: Business model and legal framework

Lead: FIZ, with SCC support

Goals: Conceptual design of a self-sustainable business model and framework for the research data preservation and publication services within RADAR.


WP 6.1 Development of a self-sustainable business model

WP 6.2 Evaluation of relevant licenses for research data and their implementation in RADAR

WP 6.3 Preparation of standard form contracts with general terms and conditions for RADAR

WP 6.4 Preparation of information material

WP 6.5 Selection of an appropriate certification schema for RADAR and realisation of the certification performance


WP 7: Evaluation

Lead: IPB and LMU

Goals: Ensuring the provision of an infrastructure which can be implemented in established scientific workflows and therefore provides for the needs of present and future research communities.


WP 7.1 Review of developed use cases and the conceptual design for the repository

WP 7.2 Content related processing of conceptual results from WP 2 and WP 3 for their implementation in a workshop with the later evaluation of the workshop outcomes and participant feedbacks

WP 7.3 Test trials for data ingest, storage and access

WP 7.4 Test trials for data publication

WP 7.5 Usability assessments for developed data preservation and publication workflows within the regular scientific working environments

WP 7.6 User survey including the assessment of data producers and data consumers